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The Return Of Karma
She was one of SA’s biggest alt-pop singers back in the ’90s with her band, Henry Ate, and now Sama-winner Karma is back with a brand-new single. The former Durbanite, who now lives in the US, has hooked up with Britney Spears’ producer, Jack Rayner,
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Good News
Zipline, a company in Ghana, has been hard at work with drones to deliver coronavirus vaccines to people living in remote areas. Drones – small aircraft that can be controlled from the ground – have proved very useful in the West African country, whe
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New On The Shelf
Ask any South African what payoff line has stuck with them most over the years and there’s a good chance they’ll mention “It’s not inside, it’s on top”, the six-word tagline of the Cremora ad. It’s a catchphrase that has long occupied a place in our