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Stretching the season

KG editor Steve Ott explores the possibilities

Storing fruit and veg was once an essential skill – without it you and your family might not survive the cold winter months. Of course, now if you run out of carrots you can pop to the local supermarket; as a consequence, storing produce has become a bit of a lost art. Yet although learning good storage skills may no longer be a matter of survival, it can still save you lots on your food bill and, by reducing air miles, be great for the environment to boot!

Storage can be as simple as leaving root veg in the ground, perhaps covering with straw or old potting compost to insulate it from the frost. But now of course most people have a freezer

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Sauce From The Source
Pasta is always a mealtime winner, but it’s what you put on it that really counts. Sauces can comfort or exhilarate, titillate the taste buds or create that sense of luxuriant decadence. Pasta aficionados insist it’s the provenance of your pasta that
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Add Some Herbs
Basil features heavily in so many pasta recipes. I wouldn’t be without it. Sow pots of basil every couple of weeks from spring to summer to keep their beautifully aromatic leaves coming, and so you can load your sauces up with generous handfuls inste
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June Tips
■ Continue to plant first early potatoes until early July to provide a crop of baby new potatoes in early autumn. A simple way to start the seed potatoes into growth is to pot the tubers in 10cm (4in) pots of compost. When they have made several inch