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Fresh Start
Upcycling has always been a hobby of mine. I’m a creative person, and I love reenergising old, pre-loved furniture. I have always worked in sales and manufacturing, and never thought upcycling could become my livelihood. Then in 2019, I was bored of
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Editor: Gail Shortland Senior Writer: Hannah Poon Feature Writers: Rosie Crass, Nia Dalton, Monica Meade Senior Designer: Victoria Elliott Designer: Yazz Williams Junior Designers: Hollie Moxham, Mel Walter ■
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Look Amazing!
Hair loss affects most women to some degree. In the normal hair cycle, up to 100 hairs are lost every day, however new mothers will experience a greater number. Postpartum hair loss can be scary, but it’s totally normal and it should steady out withi