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Indie games have changed massively in the last decade or so, but through it all developer Locomalitohas been quietly plugging away, making arcade-style games reminiscent of classics from the

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Labour Of Love
It’s not often you see the rom-com genre explored in games. Everyone knows the formula: a light-hearted story about a pair of lovers seemingly meant for each other, but kept apart through kooky circumstances. The interplay between the two main charac
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@jodymacgregor Said a lot of unprintable things about a set of virtual dice while checking out Blood Bowl 3. @wesleyfenlon Investigated why Metallica’s new stuff sounds like a Legend of Zeldasoundtrack. @ultrabrilliant Got through an entire preview
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Need To Know
An action roguelike set on a fragile raft Free Shattered Journal Games In-house AMD A4-6300@3.7GHz, 6GB RAM, GeForce GT 610 No bit.ly/SuperRaft ■