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As a former big-game outfitter, I attended many game commission meetings. One thing that always amazed me was the whim-like manner in which many game laws were passed or how a small special-interest group had such huge influence on the process.

When I lived in and hunted New Mexico, for example, muzzleloader hunters were afforded prime season dates, longer seasons and incredibly liberal interpretations of the word primitive. Even entire units were reserved for muzzleloader and archery hunting. (Note: This might have changed, as I haven’t kept abreast of developments since moving.) Interestingly, several senior state game commissioners were serious muzzleloader buffs. I have nothing against smoke-poles. I even went through a period when they were my favorite deer hunting weapon (well before scoped in-line designs). But labeling something a primitive weapon to justify better dates and longer seasons while also allowing muzzleloading rifles that are anything but

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Repeated Tendencies
Howard Hill wrote that every animal is an individual, and although, with knowledge and experience, a hunter can say what an animal might do, he can’t say what it will do. That’s true about the route a stricken deer flees. Each is unique. A few trends
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Hydatid Disease
Increasing predator populations across North America have piqued the interest of whitetail hunters everywhere. Some sportsmen view increased predator populations as a threat to local deer herds, while others see bonus hunting seasons and/or wildlife