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Is #bekind Harming Your Mental Health?
‘Be kind’ is a hashtag that’s been trending on social media in recent months, but can it sometimes do harm rather than good? If you struggle with anxiety, the pressure to participate when you’re not in a good place might actually be damaging, so it’s
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Winter Running Essentials
Proviz REFLECT360 Explorer Fleece-lined Beanie, £19.99 A one-size, comfortable, stretchy and reflective beanie with an outer layer that uses REFLECT360 reflective yarn picked up by vehicle headlights from a distance. CEP Winter Run
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Time To Ditch The Booze?
Alcohol Change says that around 8.6 million adults are drinking more frequently due to lockdown, with 15 per cent saying they are drinking more each time they have a tipple. But is moderate drinking a problem when it is purported to have some health