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Playing With Style How To Read Beyond The Notes
WATCH GRAHAM’S ONLINE LESSONS AT WWW.PIANISTMAGAZINE.COM/LESSONS When we open a score, we may encounter an array of different types of dynamic and articulation markings telling us how the notes are to be played – or none at all, depending on the styl
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Super Studies
Kathryn Page has appeared in concert and on television as a soloist and in chamber music. She is a teacher, adjudicator and administrator for Chetham’s International Summer School and Festival for Pianists, as well as the Manchester International Con
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The Good The Bad And The Boring
Do you remember Sparky’s Magic Piano, the tale of the little boy whose piano miraculously saved him from learning the boring pieces his teacher insisted he practised? Sparky would simply run his fingers over its keys and the instrument would magicall