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Problem Solving Practice Ideas For Our Pieces
In this article, I have chosen three pieces that we are featuring in the scores, coming up with some ideas that I hope will help focus and guide you as you practise them. Let’s dive straight in. This is the tenth and final piece from Book 1 of On an
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Lang Lang
If you could play only one piece in the whole repertoire from now on, what would it be? It’s obvious… the Goldberg Variations! (Liszt’s Liebesträume is too short!) If you could play only one composer from now on, which would it be? Probably Mozart. O
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Leoš JANÁČEK (1854-1928)
This eerie, hypnotic piece is No 10 from Czech composer Leoš Janáček’s first book of On an Overgrown Path – a cycle of 15 pieces in total, spread over two volumes (ten pieces in the first volume and five in the second). The overall title refers to a