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Garnette Cadogan on What We’re Missing Without Public Space

Hosted by Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes chronicle shifting paradigms in the age of social distancing. Each day, Paul calls a guest for a brief discussion about how they are experiencing the global pandemic.

Paul Holdengräber is joined by essayist Garnette Cadogan on episode 101 of The Quarantine Tapes. A self-proclaimed wanderer, Garnette talks about how he has experienced these past months, his longest period of staying in one place since childhood. Garnette takes Paul on a journey into his recent walks, offering brilliant insights into the role of public space in our relationship to ourselves and each other. He opens up his concerns about the withdrawal from public space as a result of quarantine, talking about what we are missing without shared spaces to facilitate the essential experiences of imagination, companionship, and whimsy.

From the Episode: 

Garnette Cadogan: What is going to become of public space? These places are so important. [I’ve been] thinking about the ways in which we acknowledge each other, the way we interact with each other, the way we see ourselves in a shared vision, shared responsibility, the ways in which we are connected and see ourselves in civic unison with each other.


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