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ou may already know that burning rosemary can boost concentration, while lavender can send

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WellBeing Being4 min lettiPsychology
A Mindful Way Of Being
Q: What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? A: I would say that they are both yoga. They are both methods for helping to quiet the chatter in our minds, for bringing unity and equanimity. Meditation is a more formal practice that re
WellBeing Being3 min lettiSelf-Improvement
Opening Up To Nature
How do we find space where there seems to be none? How do we find calm in the chaos? Perhaps it is less about searching for the perfect conditions and making the most of the moments we have. Nature provides the perfect backdrop for slowing down and r
WellBeing Being3 min lettiNature
Backyard Bliss: The Joy Of Keeping Chickens
Every morning I wander into our backyard, cup of tea in hand, and find a sunny spot to spend a few moments soaking up the bliss that is poultry parenthood. I admire our six “girls” enjoying their snacks, searching for hidden treasures and grooming th