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Christopher Plummer FAREWELL, MY CAPTAIN
He was one of Hollywood’s most prolific and hardest-working actors, who, at 82, became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history. Yet Christopher Plummer, who passed away at the age of 91, was best known – and most loved by audiences – for pl
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Laura Daniel helped Madeleine Sami kick up her heels at the Auckland premiere of Shadow In The Cloud. Life’s rosy for Shortland Street sweetheart Rebekah Randell, who scored a gorgeous bouquet from hubby Bevan ahead of their first anniversary. Fo
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Scalp Help
When I was offered the opportunity to try a “hair facial” recently, I was both excited and left wondering, “What the heck took so long?” Considering we are now trained to treat our skin like a glassy shrine, shouldn’t we have always been doing the sa