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For most of us who do not shoot grouse, 1 September signals the beginning of the season. This is an extra-special time of year for me, as it is the beginning of the gamebird bounty that we chefs so look forward to.

Partridge is a great entry to the world of gamebirds. The meat is succulent, white and very palatable to anyone who is discovering game for the first time.

We mainly use

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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
Porcupines may seem unlikely animals to exist in Europe, but fossil evidence suggests that the crested porcupine is a native of southern Europe. Today, it is confined to mainland Italy and Sicily. The same species also occurs widely in North Africa,
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Why We Shoot
A total of 170million cartridges are purchased in Britain every year In 1851 there were 2,867 gunmakers working in the famous Birmingham Gun Quarter Learning to make guns traditionally used to take seven years, but these days it’s usually three
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An Impossible Tusk?
When you invite a friend to dinner, or for a day’s shooting, it’s always pleasant if they bring a bottle of wine or sloe gin. In the 1890s, if you invited Herbrand Russell, the 11th Duke of Bedford, to stay, you were less likely to be handed a bottle