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Handloading Hornady’s New .300 PRC

WHAT makes the .300 PRC so special is that it was designed as a modern cartridge specifically for the purpose of scoring long range targets, but of course it will see a lot of use in the gamefields as well. It may not bear the "Magnum" tag, but the .300 PRC certainly delivers the kind of performance that deserves this label.

The .300 PRC started life as a wildcat designed by Joe Thielen, Hornady's assistant director of engineering nearly a decade ago. It is made by simply necking the .375 Ruger case down and pushing the shoulder back about 0.0625", while retaining the 30-degree shoulder angle, minimum body taper and one calibre neck length of the .300 RCM (Ruger Compact Magnum). The beltless case head has the typical magnum cartridge rim and belt diameter (0.532") that fits in a magnum boltface. Outwardly, it is claimed to bear a close resemblance to the century-old .30 Newton, but looks can be deceiving. The new Hornady round is a more modern design and far superior to that old timer.

Hornady's .300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) was designed to handle long, heavy-for-calibre, high

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