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Historic Spring Festival
The weekend of Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November saw the rescheduled HSRCA Spring Festival being held at Wakefield Park, 200km south west of Sydney, Australia. Bad weather included rolling thunderstorms and strong winds throughout the weekend
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Resistance Is Futile
OWNED BY: Aaron McKay OWNED SINCE: November 2019 MILEAGE: 94,000 I was nearly at the point where I could actually go out for a proper drive of my MGF. As you may have read in the September 2019 MGE, it’s had fresh Hydragas spheres, a new windscreen,
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MG Returns To Ireland With Electrified Range
The Frank Keane Group, which has been involved in the sale of multiple automotive brands in Ireland for over 50 years, will be managing MG’s return to the Irish car market. Ireland will see the MG’s current EV range and the same seven-year warranty o