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In most areas of the country, September means hunting season has arrived. Finally. If you’re like me, you’ve been looking forward to it more this year than ever.

The month typically kicks off with a dove hunt, or perhaps an outing for resident Canada

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Next-level Nymphing
It’s May and stoneflies are moving from the center of the river to the banks where they dry their wings in the surface film and dance on cloudy afternoons. In the soft runs and the seam edges, the first caddis of the season struggle to break through.
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Spinning And Winning
Bass anglers across the country depend on spinning gear for their finessefishing chores. Spinning rods and reels are by design uniquely qualified to handle light lines and petite bait weights. The popularity of Japanese-refined techniques, such as dr
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Last-chance Toms
Jody Smith, one of the West’s top turkey guides, could sense my growing impatience. “They’ll be here,” he whispered. “These two birds have been following the same routes every day for the past two weeks. Just wait.” Sure enough, a few minutes after 1