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My awesome birthday cake

made this Kit Kat cake for my 11th birthday. Every single part of this cake is edible except for the ribbon and candles. I put together the ingredients of

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→ oversized shirt → scissors → sewing machine or needle and thread Turn your t-shirt inside out and put it on. We will be shortening the length of the t-shirt. With a washable marker, make a line where you want to cut it to shorten the length. Mine w
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→ yarn → floss → a ‘U’ shaped cut out → scissors Take the U shaped cut out and wrap a piece of floss onto it. Choose 4 different colours of yarn of your choice and wrap each colour around your U shape 5 times Use your floss to double knot all the yar
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How To Make Natural Rose Water Scent Spray
→ dry rose petals → a small clean spray bottle → water I started making rose flower water spray when I was six years old. I love the way it smells. Since kids don’t really wear perfume, this is a fun way of creating your own safe and beautiful scents