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DIY Bleach Sweatpants
Have an adult present to help with the bleach! → gloves → bleach → plastic water bottle → sweatpants → water Twist your sweatpants starting in the middle and secure them with rubber bands when they’re completely twisted. Spray them a hose and make su
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DIY Decor Board
Are you bored at home with not much to do? Well, here is a great DIY project that you can keep somewhere like your bedroom. You don’t need to buy some expensive wall decor from a store when you have this! → cardboard boxes → craft paint → accessories
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Banana Bread
Cindy and Mindy were at home all alone since their parents were out buying groceries. “I’m bored!” said Mindy. “Ok.” Cindy replied. “I’m hungry!” Mindy repeated, “Ok.” Cindy replied. It was obvious Cindy was not being helpful at the time. Mindy pause