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Hope Fulfilled

HIS MONTH, Anton Kern Gallery showcases the late American artist David Byrd’s original book VA 1958–1988 in two ways. The New York gallery is collaborating with Hatje

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The Rose And The Nightingale
WHILE PERSIAN (or Farsi) is the national language of Iran and originated there, it is also an international language. Today, its reach extends into Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and in previous eras it had an even bigger footpr
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Radical Portraiture
ALICE NEEL PAINTED some of the 20th century’s most evocative portraits. Over the course of her seven-decade-long career, she rendered stirring representations of friends, lovers, colleagues, and the diverse groups of people who populated her longtime
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Looking Westward
SCOTTSDALE ART Auction, one of the largest Western, wildlife, and sporting art auctions in the Southwest, will have more than 400 works of art for sale this month, split between two afternoon sessions, one on April 9 and the other on April 10. On off