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Little White Lies is an independent, illustration-driven film magazine published five times a year.

‘Each issue has a cover film, and the majority of the editorial riffs on whatever that ends up being,’ said editor David Jenkins. ‘We have a weekly film review podcast called and are published by media agency TCO London. We are aimed at film lovers of all ages, and our audience consists of young, upwardly mobile creatives.’

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Writing Magazine2 min letti
In Summary
There’s some good writing here. Paradoxically, there’s also some rough-hewn prose. The cooks tone and speech is very economically done, but the maid is an authorial ‘plant’/Meanwhile, Adam – like Oliver Twist – comes across as a pitiful and potential
Writing Magazine3 min letti
Reinventing The Wheel
There are countless ways into writing a poem, but four are found to be particularly helpful by many poets. If you start from a single word, phrase or concept, pursuing it by mind-mapping, research, fantasy aspects or trawling memories will usually re
Writing Magazine4 min letti
A Writer’s Worksheet
For those new to the writing game (welcome!), it’s worth pointing out that, no matter what you might have been told, writing is not a closed shop. Nor is it one of the dark arts carried out at dead of night over a rotting sheep’s carcass overseen by