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Why collect Scandinavia?

For more than a thousand years, ties between the Nordic countries and the British Isles have been very strong. Vikings from Denmark settled in Britain and founded cities like York.

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A Desert Empire
This stamp tells four stories. One is of its era. It was issued in 1961, at a time when African nations were breaking free from their former imperial masters. After bruising attempts to hold on to Vietnam and Algeria in the 1950s, France decided to b
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Post from Perthshire
1 A 3 cents definitive and a 10 cents featuring a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman were both postmarked ‘CALGARY. ALTA. / MY 28 / 36 / S.O.5’ with a further three additional postmarks, two on the reverse over the seal of the flap. 2 The writer specif
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In The Beginning…
The six month period from December 1839 to May 1840 witnessed a series of major innovations in GB postal administration that revolutionised communication and made the world a little smaller. In this special guide, Dr Nick Amor describes the period le