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Right To The Vein!
When I first heard about the IV Bar in Cape Town, I thought it was just a normal pub owned by someone with a soft spot for the ivy creeper but who didn’t know how to spell ‘ivy’. Then a youngster told me that an IV bar has nothing to do with social d
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Fennel is a fine culinary herb, an eye-catching feature plant and an excellent companion plant that lures aphids away from other plants. It is a perennial that likes well-drained soil and will thrive in full sun or morning sun. It can grow up to 2m t
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Make A Grand Entrance
A door in need of a revamp Woodoc 50 Marine – Exterior Sealer (Clear, Matt) Mineral turpentine 100-grit sandpaper and sanding block/sander, paintbrush, steel wool, clean and dry cloths, flat stirring spatula 1. Sand the door down to bare wood, removi