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South African Home Owner1 min letti
Brimming with character, this luxury apartment in the north of Johannesburg is not short of style. Not quite the owner’s forever home, but rather a living space for the next two years, the apartment is dear to him. Sharing on how he found this beauty
South African Home Owner2 min letti
Gorgeous GARDENS
Your well-kept garden can be a good investment for your home. And making sure that you have a proper irrigation system will not only reduce your water bill, but help you save water in a water-scarce country. There’s a move towards Wi-Fi controllers f
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Made from durable carbon steel, rubber and wood, this on-trend matt black utensil holder from Woolworths is the perfect way to keep your kitchen neat and tidy. The NutriBullet Pro 1000 is a compact powerhouse blender with ergon