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What to wear?

alk in that fits loosely and “breathes”. Shops such as Cape Union Mart, Outdoor Warehouse and Sportsmans Warehouse sell shirts and pants made of thin

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The Rules, Like Them Or Not
You won’t find them written down anywhere, but it’s worth knowing that platteland village rules and customs are no less binding than the edicts of governments and municipalities. Whereas city types can live in the same house for decades without excha
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In A Nutshell
Distance from the big city? Tesselaarsdal is 135 km from Cape Town and 48 km from Hermanus. The nearest towns are Caledon (23 km) and Stanford (38 km). Nearest hospitals Caledon Provincial Hospital. In Hermanus you will find the Hermanus Mediclinic,
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Dorothée’s Permaculture Tips
Do not till the soil Garden soil is an ecosystem on its own. If you work the soil over, you disturb the balance and kill many of the invisible helpers. Even when you feed your beds with compost, do not work it in; let the worms do it for you. They al