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Murder most foul

s Emma Southon points out, we all love a good murder story – and this book is full of poisonings, bludgeonings and beheadings from ancient Rome. Murder, as she says in her conclusion, allows us not only to see

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The Changing Shape Of Slimming
On 16 September 1967, a local paper in Surrey ran a weight-loss story about a woman named Stephanie Vaughan. Having struggled with her body weight as a child and adolescent, Stephanie had grown “fatter and more hopeless about her weight problem until
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The Best Of British (and German, Russian, Hungarian And Czech...)
GETTY IMAGES/PA IMAGES/ESTATE OF ABRAM GAMES AND TRANSPORT FOR LONDON “Dear land, dear land, our roots are deep in you: May your sons, may your sons grow tall and true!” If any verse captures the national pride that coursed through the Festival of Br
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Michael Wood On…
It’s a century ago this year that the first great discoveries took place at Harappa, a huge mudbrick mound south of Lahore in what is now Pakistan, to be followed the following year at Mohenjo-daro, more than 400 miles south-west of Harappa. The rema