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Clare Wright on the Australians who fought for women’s suffrage

“In 1902, Australia became the first country in the world where some women

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Prize Crossword
1 Semi-legendary king of the Britons who enlisted the aid of Hengist and Horsa to protect his land against the Picts and Scots (9) 6 For example, the military one that seized power in Argentina in 1976 (5) 10 The statesman Pericles played a vital par
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Emily Hobhouse 1860-1926
Emily Hobhouse was a welfare campaigner, feminist and pacifist best known for exposing the terrible conditions in the concentration camps in which Boer civilians were incarcerated by the British during the Second Boer War. Born in Cornwall but grante
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The Changing Shape Of Slimming
On 16 September 1967, a local paper in Surrey ran a weight-loss story about a woman named Stephanie Vaughan. Having struggled with her body weight as a child and adolescent, Stephanie had grown “fatter and more hopeless about her weight problem until