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British soldiers carry a decoy inflatable tank during a training exercise on Salisbury Plain. Decoy tanks like these were used in World War II, for

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Vikings For Hire
The Viking reputation for ferocity and fearlessness reached the ears of Byzantine Emperor Basil II (r976–1025). So impressed was he that, in AD 988, he began to employ warriors from Scandinavia, known as Varangians, as his personal bodyguard. Based i
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Q &A Anne O’Brien
Anne O’Brien is a Sunday Times bestselling author who has written extensively on the medieval period, as well as the British Civil War and Regency eras. Before becoming a successful writer, Anne was a history teacher. She lives in the Welsh Marches o
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After reading your piece on crime and punishment in the Victorian era (October 2020), which referred to the beginnings of London’s Metropolitan Police Force, I wanted to let you know that the first police forces in Great Britain were actually establi