Plant wisdom

inally, a plant medicine book that speaks to our modern-day lives. In , expert herbalist, nutritionist and energetic healer, Erin Lovell Verinder, takes the reader on an in-depth voyage into plant medicine. In the beautifully photographed book, you’ll learn to celebrate plants, understand their powers and harness their healing qualities. Weaving ancient wisdom with a modern approach, offers readers recipes for teas, tinctures, syrups, balms, baths and more. You’ll also find easy-to-make tonics for addressing common ailments such as bloating, low energy, winter colds and anxiety. At the back of the book you’ll

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Nobody Behind The Wheel
The current private transport system has many shortcomings. Cars produce pollution, generate CO2 and emit other greenhouse gases. In urban environments, roads take up a large chunk of land area, sprawl is an issue and congestion is common. Road accid
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Nothing Major?
On a grey and damp winter’s day, a lovely, beautifully presented woman in her mid-50s came to see me. She just wasn’t feeling her normal self: lots of niggly symptoms had started to bother her and she was concerned as she had friends that kept tellin
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Beauty In Philanthropy
What are some of the things that make you feel alive? Starting community projects makes me feel the most alive. I helped build a bathroom in Romania for a mum of domestic violence who had six girls. I always feel alive whenever I lead any of our proj