The Australian Women’s Weekly Food

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Have you decided to kick start a healthier lifestyle, and want to get more fruit and veg into your everyday diet? Making your own juices and smoothies is an easy way to get the benefits of fresh produce.



These machines pulverise ingredients against quick spinning blades, creating a centrifugal force inside a strainer, separating juice from pulp.

Pros: Affordable, easy to use and has a large chute for whole ingredients.

Cons: Lower juice yield and enzyme content compared to cold press juicers; juice separation and foam.


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The Australian Women’s Weekly Food3 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Nonna's Biscotti
PREP AND COOK TIME 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES (+ COOLING) MAKES 40 1¼ cups (185g) plain flour½ cup (75g) self–raising flour¾ cup (165g) caster sugar1 cup (160g) almond kernels2 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 egg, extra1 tablespoon water2 tablespoons caster
The Australian Women’s Weekly Food3 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
Did You Know?
The water you add to the dough must be warm. Too hot, and it will kill the yeast› too cold, and it may slow down or kill the yeast and affect the taste and smell of your crust. When kneading dough, use only enough flour to stop it sticking to the b
The Australian Women’s Weekly Food2 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Tiramisu We Love You
PREP TIME 30 MINUTES (+OVERNIGHT REFRIGERATION) SERVES 12 ¾ cup strong espresso coffee (see notes)½ cup (125ml) marsala¼ cup (60ml) Kahlua (coffee liqueur)3 eggs, separated½ cup (110g) caster sugar500g mascarpone2 tablespoons marsala, extra¼ cup (