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Industry In Motion: More Cogs In The Machine
CALL IT A cog, a gear, or a cogwheel, it’s all pretty much the same to industry and nothing moves like this little piece of mechanical genius. The teeth cut into the edge of a cog or gear mesh with the inserted segments between the teeth of a cogwhee
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Around the World
WHAT COULD BE considered to be finds of the Holy Grail of eastern European numismatics took place twice recently, one in Ukraine and the other in Ireland. Kievan Rus is the birthplace of what today are Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. According to the P
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The Coinage of Peter I Part Four: 1712-1717
THE YEARS FOLLOWING the Pruth River disaster of July 1711, in which the Russian army was defeated by Turkey, were a time of rebuilding. The war against Sweden continued, despite the Swedish debacle at Poltava in 1709; for several years, however, the