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Of seeds and such…

At the proverbial eleventh hour before level 5 lockdown began in the autumn of 2020, there were still long queues of people at stores all over South Africa. We were trying to buy those last-minute things we thought we would need during a time when lots of things would be prohibited as ‘non-essential’ items.

Well, the booze soon ran out and the price of pineapples soared as everybody tried to brew their own beer – some apparently successfully and others with dire results! Trying to skip peeling pineapples and going

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In The Kitchen
It is common in households to find one or more people that have a problem eating vegetables. Usually potatoes are it, and even then they have to be cut into long sticks, deep fried and called chips. Hiding veg can sometimes be the answer to this prob
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Farm To Forks
I00 tons of compost. That’s 100 000kg of compost, and all of it has been added to the soil of just 900m of 75cm-wide beds on the little farm of Farm to Forks in Monteseel, KwaZulu-Natal. Dale Grobler is the man behind the fork, the garden fork that i
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7 Reasons To Use Herbs For Dogs And Cats
Use herbal infusions of rosemary, tansy (which also repels ants) or pennyroyal for controlling ticks and fleas. Make a herbal tea using one tablespoon of freshly chopped herbs to one cup of boiled water. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature, put