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To make the most of your commute, a little route planning is essential. Yes, it may take you

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Summer Jerseys
1 Mons Royale Redwood Enduro VT Made from ultra-light merino wool, this can be used as an all-year jersey/baselayer thanks to the fabric’s insulating and temperature-regulating properties. It comes in men’s and women’s (here) versions. €80 https://eu
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Canyon Spectral 29 Cf 7
Canyon have built one of the best trail bikes out there. The frame is excellent, with geometry that’s right on the money for this category. That includes a reach that’s long enough (485mm, large) to give confidence on steep terrain, while still letti
Mountain Biking UK1 min letti
Martha Gill
The Enduro World Series recently announced that they’d delay round one until the end of June, so with a super-long off season, I’ve only just started to get back into the swing of training. Every winter, I spend time at the skate park on my jump bike