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1 Euphorbia rigida An evergreen spurge with silver-blue leaves, arranged in regular spirals. Spectacular, bright-yellow flowers, from January to April, take on pink hues followed by intense red in May to June. Needs well-drained soil in full sun. 60cm. AGM*. RHS H6, USDA 7a-10b .

2 Sometimes known as French honeysuckle, this robust

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Most erythroniums are straightforward to grow if planted in dappled shade and light but humus-rich soil. Some of the smaller species, such as E. dens-canis, which only grows to about 10cm, can be swamped by surrounding plants so be careful where you
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First Love
Flanking the path from the house to the orchard in Jo Hynes’ Devon garden stand two rows of willows, each sliced neatly into a flat plate at head height, from which the new orange growth flares upward, resembling a line of blazing torches lighting th
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The flowers of Erythronium are unlikely to be mistaken for anything else. Although erythroniums are closely related to tulips there’s little obvious resemblance. Growing from small bulbs, the flowers are held on a thin, arching stem and hang downward