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n order to cultivate acceptance, two precursory things need to occur. Firstly, there must be awareness

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Card Decks For Greater Ease And Calm
Affirmations open the door to change,” suggests Jenna Ramondo, the founder of Musings from the Moon. “By repeating supportive affirmations in an atmosphere where they can grow, we can influence our emotions, our actions and our entire life,” she cont
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Being on Country
When you’re welcomed onto Country by Aboriginal people, you’re being invited to feel and become connected with all the living things on it; from the earth to the stars, the sea, birds and animals — one big community. When I hear Aboriginal people tal
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Being Still
Being mindful is a space where we recognise every thought, feeling and movement, and accept them as they are without judgement. In the law of nature, everything that arises soon passes. When a personal event happens, your body creates a sensation. Wh