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Name: Libby

Age: 12

Hometown: Auckland, NZ

I’ve always had a passion for cooking – I’ve spent hours in the kitchen baking desserts and cooking meals for my family. I’m also a vegetarian and an animal-lover! My family’s friends often

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Total Girl1 min letti
Hi TGs!
What do I love most about about fashion and glam? They’re both great ways to express yourself, creatively! You can get fancy with nail art (and I’m sooo happy I’ve found these nail art tools because trust me, I’ve been looking for ages!), you can cre
Total Girl1 min letti
Back-to-school Feels
Your besties will have SO much to tell you on the first day back, and you’ll have stories too! Don’t forget to share that super embarrassing moment, or the time you saw your teacher in the wild (a.k.a at the shops). LOL! There’s only one thing bette
Total Girl1 min lettiComputers
Old-school Cool
1. What are these called? a) Floppy disks b) Cup coasters c) Memory disks 2. What is this used for? a) To measure how fast someone can run b) To measure metres c) To count the number of steps you take 3. What is this? a) A really old ma