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Herbs To Have To Hand
Herbs are the natural choice for kitchen plants, so you don’t need to do much to make the most of them. First, choose a really light location – many herbs are native to hot countries so will enjoy growing on a sunny window ledge. If your window is so
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How To Make A Living Lettuce Wreath
Simply buy a pack of living lettuce or grow your own from seed then transform the plant into a nourishing and vibrant work of edible art. Here’s how… Wire wreath frame, moss (in sheets if possible, available from florists), compost, spool of wire, y
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10 Snake Plant
Sansevieria zeylanica is a tough, hardy plant. The long, sword-like leaves are dark green with wavy lighter green and white bands. They have rather a rugged, shabby-chic appearance. Sansevieria zeylanica aren’t as common as Sansevieria trifasciata, b