Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom


“Its graceful outlines will add a cool, sophisticated accent to any room”

Fully deserving of its common name, cast iron plant, the aspidistra

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Hanging About
If you want to work up to something as dramatic as Hilton Carter’s plant hammock (page 72), a simpler step is hanging some plants. These look great in groups, especially if you hang them at different heights. Let the texture of the pots play a part i
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“I Often Say Taking Care Of My Plants Is Like A Moving Meditation. It’s Relaxing, Calming, Interesting And Fulfilling All At Once”
Summer Rayne Oakes takes a love of houseplants to the next level. Currently the owner of more than a thousand plants in her Brooklyn apartment, she is also the host and producer of YouTube plant advice channel Plant One On Me. Her blog and Instagram
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Decorating With Foliage
Plant stores seem to be sprouting up left and right these days, some specialising in succulents and purifying ficus trees, others crammed with dried leaves and flowers for DIY decoration. Friends get together on the weekend to swap plant cuttings, an