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“I often say taking care of my plants is like a moving meditation. It’s relaxing, calming, interesting and fulfilling all at once”

Summer Rayne Oakes takes a love of houseplants to the next level. Currently the owner of more than a thousand plants in her Brooklyn apartment, she is also the host and producer of YouTube plant advice channel Plant One On Me. Her blog and Instagram (@) are some of the best places to go online for plant-based inspiration and advice. The author of forthcoming book , Summer trained in environmental science and entomology, and has years of experience trying to make the world a more sustainable place to live, including with her work as a business owner and as the world’s first ‘eco model’. She describes her mission as helping people “become more attuned to nature in the city through something as humble as a houseplant”. She says, “Helping connect people back to nature, to live a more mindful existence, to build healthier

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