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Ask The Gear Guy
— Fred, Charlestown, Massachusetts A: IF YOU’RE GOING INTO THE WILDERNESS WITH A SMARTPHONE WORTH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, YOU’LL WANT SOMETHING TOUGH TO PROTECT IT. My pick is the Otterbox Defender series ($50-$70). With an inner polycarbonate shell and
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Downhill Racers
Life Scout Paul Lehmann and his sister Ann, a Second Class Scout, stood at the top of the slope. It was Paul’s fourth time visiting Devil’s Head Ski Resort near Merrimac, Wisconsin, and he had all the confidence in the world. “I had gone down most of
Boys' Life2 min letti
PEDRO’S PICK TOM SWIFTIE: “I forgot what I was going to buy at the store,” Tom said listlessly. $10 to Lily B., Carmel, Indiana BEN: Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day? STUART: I don’t know. BEN: Because they’re scent-imental creatures! Ben G., Bethl