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The BEATRIX POTTER™ Collection
Angela Turner designed our classic Beatrix Potter™ collection. She tells us how she created the gorgeous details… “When the Beatrix Potter™ character commission came along I was delighted. I’d always been drawn to the lovely illustrations and had vis
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Trellis Weave
This simple, graphic stitch pattern only uses knit and purl stitches to create a modern fabric. It would look great on an oversized tote bag or as a chunky floor cushion. Cast on a multiple of 12 sts (try 36 sts). Row 1 (RS) K1,P1, K5, P5. Row 2 K5,
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More Stitches To Master
The best way to graft your sock toes together Swiss darning or duplicate stitch is a great way to add small details to your knitting, covering the stitch with an embroidery stitch the same shape as the stitch beneath it. Work from bottom to top, brin