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Simple Steps How To Make A Spiked DC
1 Work to the point where you want the spiked dc (we worked ch1 and 2 dc). 2 Work the next dc as a spiked dc stitch: don’t insert your hook into the top of the next stitch or ch-sp, but into the st or ch-sp in the row below that (or further down,
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• Sirdar Happy Cotton DK (100% cotton, 20g/43m) 3 balls of Juicy (792) 2 balls of Biscuit (776) 1 ball of each: Cookie (777) Buttercup (771)• Sirdar Happy Chenille DK (100% polyester, 15g/38m) 3 balls of Duckling (0014)• A 2.75mm (US C/2) hook• A 3.5
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Simple Steps How To Block Your Crochet Pieces
1 Check the yarn’s ball band for advice on whether to dry, wet or steam block your item. To wet block, wash the item before pinning. For dry and steam blocking, pin out when dry. To pin out, lay the item flat on a towel over a blanket. 2 Using lon