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The Perseverance Rover Is Sending Weather Reports Back From Mars
And now for the weather... from Mars. NASA scientists have analysed the first meteorological reports recorded by its Perseverance rover on the Red Planet. The short version: if you’re planning to spend some time at the Jezero Crater, you’ll need a co
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Silicon Valley firm Y Combinator has a radical and untested idea: flood desert basins with water to create algae farms that soak carbon from the atmosphere. They could also potentially create new ecosystems from previously uninhabited land. Geoengine
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Top Ten World’s Longest Bridges
Many have floated the idea of a bridge between England and mainland Europe. This Channel-spanning bridge would need to be 35km long, a distance that would make it the lengthiest bridge in Europe – well beyond Portugal’s 17km Vasco da Gama Bridge. How