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South African vets scan huge gorilla

Makokou, a western lowland gorilla, lives at Johannesburg Zoo. In May, a biopsy revealed he was suffering from a series

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Question Of The Month
Time perception depends on how quickly the brain can process incoming information. Scientists have attempted to measure it by showing animals pulses of light, which start slowly and then speed up. There comes a point when the light is flashing so qui
BBC Science Focus Magazine12 min lettiScience & Mathematics
The Awesome Power Of Sleep
Our 24/7 society seems to be slowly robbing us of our slumber, but at what cost? Sleep is the single most effective thing we do each day to reset the health of our brain and body. It’s an extraordinary elixir that can help you age well and live longe
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Silicon Valley firm Y Combinator has a radical and untested idea: flood desert basins with water to create algae farms that soak carbon from the atmosphere. They could also potentially create new ecosystems from previously uninhabited land. Geoengine