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Working with chocolate


he key to understanding chocolate is that the higher the cocoa percentage, the less sweet it is. This is because more cocoa means fewer milk solids, which naturally contain sugar. If you’re baking, you’ll probably be adding sugar, so it’s best to use

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BANANAS AND DAIRY are a good source of the amino acid tryptophan, which the body needs to make the feel-good hormone serotonin. When eaten with a carb source such as oats, the brain can absorb the tryptophan easily. GREEN VEG such as broccoli are nu
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Box Grater
Food director Cassie says: “A good sturdy box grater is a must-have in any kitchen. You’ll need one with large holes on one side (for cheese, carrots and potatoes), and a finer second surface is useful for parmesan and zesting. I like one with a chee
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We Are
Gabby works closely with our art directors to produce the beautiful photographs that fill this magazine and bring to life. As well as commissioning new images for every issue, she also maintains our archive of more than 20,000 images.