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Your Countryside
I was interested in Sonya Patel Ellis’ feature ‘Treasure Hunting’ in the March issue as I too have been collecting treasures that I’ve found on beaches, in fields, on mountains and in deserts from my travels, both in the UK and abroad. These include
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Types Of Meadows
Meadows come in many forms. Plantlife’s botanical specialist Dr Trevor Dines has divided them into six simple categories: Mainly found in warm, dry, lowland areas, often with sandy soils. Often found in the South Downs and home to a huge variety of
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Star Species
Look out for the stunning day-flying belted beauty, a moth whose chocolate tones and white streaks can often be seen on the machair. The Uist machair is a stronghold for this embattled bird, whose crex-crex-crex call can be heard on late spring or e