220 Triathlon


It’s a little known fact that I have powers. Sadly none of them relate to swimming, cycling or running, but you can’t have everything. No, my powers have to do with seeing into the future, making unerringly accurate predictions about the triathlon year ahead.

As powers go, I admit this is fairly useless and I’d obviously prefer it if my soothsaying extended to predicting the outcome of horse races or selecting six National Lottery winning numbers, but psychic beggars can’t be choosers.

I should say that I’m naturally gifted when it comes to my multisport mysticism and I need no clairvoyant training aids to assist me with my predictions, which is just as well because the only crystal balls I’ve ever had are the ones I got when I slipped off my saddle onto the top tube.

Admittedly some of the future is dead easy to predict, based on even a cursory analysis of the past.

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