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Q I think I’m allergic to chlorine, what are the symptoms and how can it be treated? Lisa Grey

A According to various medical sources, strictly speaking you can’t be allergic to chlorine, but you can definitely be sensitive or react to it. Reactions can include red skin, scaling, tender skin or small bumps/hives. You may also cough or sneeze, although this could be due to underlying breathing issues.

Seeing a doctor is probably advisable, especially if you’re having real issues breathing. But failing that there are various things that

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Fuel Your Everesting
For most Everesters, the downhills will be the time to chow down, whether that’s when hopping off the turbo or sitting in a support vehicle. Just be careful snacking if you’re freewheeling downhill – especially as fatigue sets in. Don’t rely on refi
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Top Everesting Kit
This one needs little explanation. Perhaps save the higher quality fabrics for the latter part of the challenge. If you’re staying indoors, wheel-on trainers induce slippage above a 7% grade, ruling out hills such as Alpe du Zwift for official attem
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New- Season Race Prep
Well first up, an ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ race are all the same when the gun goes off – you go hard, you race hard, you stick to the plan you’ve worked out with your coach, mates or yourself, and if there’s no plan at all, still just go for it! The only real