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by reams of science and studies are omnipresent in triathletes’ performance larders up

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Coach’s Tips Weight Prep
This is especially true for lower-intensity workouts, as it takes time for these to change performance. They must be done easily to really tap into that fat-burning potential. During fat-burning sessions you don’t need extra calories from gels. Rely
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Supplement Your Speed
Creatine, sodium bicarbonate, beta-alanine and, of course, caffeine. All supplements that have a pretty solid base of evidence behind their use. But what about the new wave of performance-enhancing supplements growing in popularity? Are they grounded
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Meet The Experts
Philip Hatzis is the head coach and founder of the Tri Training Harder online and face-to-face coaching outfit based in Oxfordshire. Helen Jenkins is a two-time ITU world champion and a three-time Olympian. She’s just launched her new coaching busi