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The making of HEART SPORTS

The challenges of Covid-19 and its aftermath will fundamentally alter the triathlon landscape in both the short-and long-term. The number of tri brands will possibly diminish, the range of products is likely to decrease. While this may provide the established, major tri brands with less competitors, as a consumer we cherish the existing choice we have when it comes to tri wares.

Because we love the democratisation of tri-suit craft especially. If we want proven aerodynamics, we’ll go for the Endura D2Z or Zone3 Aeroforce-X. Hydrodynamics? The Orca Dream Kona. Affordability? Step forward the Dhb Classic. Environmental chops? Presca. And long-course comfort? There’s only one winner for us: the annual Heart Sports tri-suit, produced by a secondary school computer science teacher from his spare room in Gillingham, Dorset.

Our first experience of Heart Sports came in late 2015 when a package arrived from the Shaftesbury sorting office consisting of the brand’s first tri-suit. Our then staff writer, Jack Sexty, promptly gave the orange suit a ‘Best Buy’ badge in spring 2016.

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