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Dictaphone recordings

01 > We’ve set our dictaphone to record and captured some upright piano chords and some isolated, higher notes. We could plug in a USB cable and transfer these directly to our DAW, but 03 >

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Future Music1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
The Alternatives
While they’re more focussed in sound design terms, there’s a surprising number of similarities between the creative sequencing tools of Circuit and Elektron’s sampler and FM synth. elektron.se A pure sequencer/ controller, but, like with Circuit Tra
Future Music1 min lettiComputers
In The Mix
Mixing drums in modular can be tricky, as you try to balance multiple sounds, some that you want to apply effects to, others not. Expert Sleepers’ ES-9 is a great option for the DAW-based among you, as it offers 16 channels of I/O, headphone and moni
Future Music4 min letti
Document One Hands Up
Kicking off their careers as purveyors of dirty dubstep on labels like Buygore and Never Say Die, Joe Froud and Matt King AKA Document One have turned their attention to slamming dancefloor DnB in recent years. We caught up with the Oxford-based duo