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Cate On
‘I don’t think about being beautiful or not being beautiful. It’s more about feeling confident inside your own skin, really, and thinking about yourself as little as possible.’ ‘I don’t tell the truth; I tell what ought to be the truth.’ ‘It was only
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Pro Health Tips For
If you’re waking at 4am and can’t get back to sleep, it may be one of two things: either your brain is too busy for you to drop off again, in which case you should practise emptying your mind and focusing on your breath, or you’re going to bed too ea
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Golden CATE
There’s no doubting Cate Blanchett’s sheer talent. The two-time Oscar winner has a rare ability to make you forget she’s an actor playing a part rather than the real deal, whether she’s playing the Virgin Queen or the Nordic Goddess of Death. Now the