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Donald Sutherland
Do you smoke?” says Donald Sutherland. He is not offering Total Film a quick puff – quite the opposite, in fact. The 85-year-old wants to ensure a bit of social distancing. “I apologise,” he says. “I have been allergic to whatever comes up by burning
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Sets Drive
RRP £69.99 | VARIOUS RETAILERS Oscar-winning proto-supervillainy in 4K and Blu-ray, plus poster, vinyl soundtrack and photo cards. Extras include alt-takes of Joaquin Phoenix’s killer turn as the man who laughs. RRP £399.99 | VARIOUS RETAILERS Twenty
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Welcome To Total Film
Isay! Put up the arc lights! Roll out the red carpet! It’s time to get excited about our issue celebrating the golden age of Hollywood... kicked off by David Fincher’s magnificent love letter to the era, Mank. Not only did we channel our inner Orson