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The Bigger Picture
“In the animated series we learn about the origin of the zombie plague and how it started – or at least where it comes from, and what it is. It’s pretty crazy. If, by some miracle, there’s a sequel to Army, we can go pretty crazy with what’s possible
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Dave Bautista
How did you find the experience of making a Zack Snyder zombie film? Let’s just shorten that to say “a Zack Snyder film”, because that was why I signed on. I probably would have said, “Another action guy? I couldn’t care less.” But because Zack is di
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COLLECTIBLE OUT NOW A scarily accurate 1:8-scale die-cast replica of the ECTO-1: the (five) doors, the lights shine, the siren sounds, and who knows, the roof-rack-mounted P.K.E. tools may even tell you when there’s an actual ghost in the sitting roo